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123Movies stands now on the 1st place in the world when it comes to online streaming of movies and series. This has been a long journey that took more than 10 years of work which means a decade of adding new movies and tv series everyday on this website. Now we are proud and happy to tell all of you the story of this big streaming site and how we made it to the point where the majority of people choose 123Movies as their main source of movies and tv shows that can be watched online free in Full HD quality.

How 123Movies Started
As we previously said, it's been more than 10 years that we spent working on this website. It all started like a small project created by a team of people that are passionate about programming and movies at the same time. Back then, we were looking for a source where we can watch our favorite movies and tv shows online but there were no alternatives but cinema and television so we decided it's time to do something about it and that's how Movies123 was born, from our wish to create a free streaming platform that's free and qualitative at the same time.

Streaming From The Comfort Of Your Home
Before the free streaming websites like 123 Movies and others exists, people had two alternatives when it comes to watching movies and series: they could either go to cinema and pay a ticket to watch the movie or they could pay a monthly subscription for television and watch whatever the TV schedule included. Other option was the torrents but that required a bit higher technical skills and not everybody had the knowledge to do so. Now, since the websites like 123Movies were launched, everybody can watch movies for free without leaving the house or paying monthly subscriptions.

The Movies Collection
We are very proud to say that we managed to build one of the biggest collections of movies and tv series on our website and since the last time we checked we are undefeated at this point. Currently, the database of 123Movies includes about 15.000 movies, 2500 tv shows and more than 70.000 episodes which means you don't need to look somewhere else in order to find your favorite movies and shows, all of them are already included in our huge collection and are waiting for you to watch them for free in Full HD quality without registration or credit cards.

How To Watch
A few years earlier, watching movies on a website like ours was a bit more complicated than it is today. Thanks to the newest technology, today we can happily announce that the process of watching a movie on 123Movies means as low as just 2 clicks. As soon as you visit the website, you have to choose a movie either from the homepage featured section or using the search box, click on the thumbnail and then press click again on the big play button from the middle of the screen. That's basically all you have to do to watch any movie or show on 123Movies website for free.

Safety And Legality
123Movies-HD.com is a website loved by millions of people from all around the world for two very strong reasons: it is legal and it is safe. Compared to other ways to watch movies for free that involve downloading certain files, 123Movies doesn't require you to download anything, we are already offering video players for all our content so you can watch instantly without download. Another thing that people like is that our website is 100% safe. We never had any security incidents in more than 10 years of activity and there are no complains about 123Movies when it comes to safety.

No Need For Alternatives
Thanks to all the great features that we've presented above, we can say that you don't need any other alternatives when it comes to watching movies and tv shows online free as long as you visit 123Movies. We are always publishing the latest movies and episodes so you can keep yourself updated with the newest pieces of content, we have a huge database with tens of thousands of both new and old movies and shows and we are offering all of them in the highest quality possible so you can enjoy on smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop or even smart TV.